Introduction: How to Create a Splash Screen in C# Visual Studio

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Hi, in this tutorial i will show you "how to make a splash screen in c# visual studio windows forms application".

You need:-

1.Visual Studio 2010 / 2013



No need of High-end programming ! just a little bit !

Step 1: Creating a Form

First , open visual studio & then create new project and choose "windows forms application" and name your app and click OK.

After that you will see a empty form.

Right click the form and go to the properties and make the form border style to "None"

you will see that he border of your form will be invisible.

Now choose any image you like to have it as your splash screen and then make it your form's background image.

Step 2: Adding Necessary Items

Now you have to add Two items !

1. another form (which will open after your splash screen ends)

2. Timer Control (in Form1 not Form2)

Form2:- Now click the "project" button on the top of the Visual Studio and then select "Add windows Forms..."

and after that add the stuff you like in your second form ! E.g. Like if you are creating a calculator then make the calculator in that second form.

Timer Control:- you can add timer from the tool box on the left side of visual studio where you have to scroll to look for it ! and then drag it to your form ! it will be displayed below your splash screen form.


NOTE:- you cant add splash screen after creating your whole application !

if you really want than it will be too troublesome ! but it is possible !

Step 3: Time for Coding

Now double click you first form "Splash screen form"

and add this code:-

timeLeft = 10; (the 10 here describes how much seconds your splash screen will be displayed)

Now double click the Timer also ! and add these Codes !!


if (timeLeft > 0)

timeLeft = timeLeft - 1;





new Form2().Show();


(codes are in the images also)
If you are still confused then download the source code !!!!

Step 4: Now Test Your Application !

Its time to test ! you just have to click the play button on the top to see how your app works !

You will see Splash screen will appear and then after few seconds your second ACTUAL form will appear !!!!

Step 5: Publish

Now if you are new ! then you may need to know how to publish ! because without publishing you can distribute your app !

click the publish option and go through the steps !!!

and then your app files will be displayed !!!!!!

Tadaaa ! your app is now published and can be distribute anywhere !

Step 6: Still Can't Understand ?

If you still can't understand "how to create a splash screen in C# visual studio"

then download the video !!!! :)


Step 7: Extra

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