How to Create a Universal Translator App (like the One From Star Trek)




Introduction: How to Create a Universal Translator App (like the One From Star Trek)

I got inspired by an article on a universal translator on Hackaday, so I created my own using MIT's appinventor (ANDROID only sorry)
(original article that inspired me

You just specify the language to which you want to translate to and the app does the rest. The app uses Google's speech-to-text and text-to-speech functionality, which can be implemented in an appinventor in a snap, and Microsoft Translate API to do the actual translation itself. The API requires an oath token so first you press the button for it and the app sends a request to the server to get it. The Input language selection is controlled by the settings of google's speech to text.

Anyone is free to download the app and the source file to experiment with it on his own.
Here's a link for both the app and the source file >>

(the source file is zipped and that's how it should be uploaded to MIT's appinventor - there's no need to unpack it. Name of the files is 'translate')

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Ohh and the data needed for generation of the oath token is already in the app. Getting them is free but requires subscribing to several services first so I concluded that I might as well spare the nightmare of it to those who just want to play with the app or modify it. Though free access to the API is limited to about 5000 (IIRC) requests a month so once they use it up... well they use it up and it will no longer work unless they go though the registration procedures themselves to get new a client ID and client secret.