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Introduction: How to Create a Wooden Toy

This is an easy tutorial on how to create a toy out of wood. I will make the toy a hedgehog, but you can choose any type of animal or object.

This toy is designed for little children to have fun!

I hope this instructable helps you!

Step 1: Materials/Tools

These are the materials and tools that I have used for the project. Of course, you can use any colour that you want the toy to be for this project. Also, you could use different machines if you have them available.

- Sand paper

- Ruler

- Eraser

- Pencil

- Wood (26 cm by 8 cm piece)

- Polishing Tool

- Sawing Machine

- Hot Glue gun

- Paint (brown, yellow, and white)

- A thick stick

- 4 Wheels

Step 2: Draw the Outline

This step is the most important in this project because everything else will add up to it. I drew the hedgehog free hand, but you can also use a printed picture as a rough outline for you. Don’t worry if it does not look good at the beginning, it took me a few tries until I was satisfied with the outcome. In addition to that, try to make the spikes not too pointy, since it might be hard to cut it out with the machine.

Step 3: Cut the Outline

For this I used the sawing machine that was listed above. When you cut the outline, try to stay on your marked lines to make the next steps easier and faster. Don’t worry if it does not work out too well, there is always a chance to change small things later.

Also note that on the bottom of the toy a small piece , about 1 cm, needs to be cut off because that is where the wheels will be at the end.

When you cut be aware that safety goggles are required.

Step 4: Smoothen the Edges

For the next step I used the Polishing Tool to smoothen the small edges around the spikes of the hedgehog and to adjust smaller changes. For the bigger areas, like the bottom and the body of the toy, you should use normal sand paper because it is faster. You know that you are finished when the wood feels “smooth,” and has straight outlines.

Step 5: Paint the Hedgehog

First, you need to draw an outline where you want to colour the toy. For example, the face, since it has a lighter brown colour than the rest of the body. For the body I just used a dark brown from the bottle. For the face I then mixed white with the brown colour to get a lighter tone. After that I drew the eyes, mouth, and nose on the face with a permanent marker because it is neater and easier than using paint.

You might have to go over the paint more than only once.

In the time the hedgehog dries you can go on and paint the wheels yellow (or any other colour that you want).

Step 6: Cut Squares for the Wheels

(This step can also be done before the painting)

For this you have to draw little squares (big enough to fit the axles through) into the bottom of the hedgehog. For this be careful that the square is big enough, so the axles can move; but not too big, since then it might look weird if the wheels move back and forth at the bottom of the toy.

Once you have drawn the squares, cut them out with the machine again.

Step 7: Attach the Wheels to the Axles

To secure the wheels on the axle, use a hot glue gun. Put some glue in the holes of the wheels, and then put the wooden stick through. The glue that might stick out in the end, can be pulled off when the glue is dry.

Do this for all of the four wheels.

Step 8: Put Everything Together

Once you have attached the wheels, turn the toy upside down, so the part with the squares for the axles are at the top. Put the axles in the holes, and then glue the additional wooden piece to the bottom.

Let it dry, and then you are finished!

Step 9: Tips

Smoothen the rough edges: If you are planning on making this toy for a child, then definitely be careful to smoothen all the edges, so that it is better and safer to use for them. In addition to that, a smooth surface also looks better on the toy.

Paint Twice: it might be that painting once over the wood may not be enough because the wood structure might still be visible. Painting twice will solve that problem.

Pointy Spikes: If you are using a normal cutting machine, it might be very hard to create pointy spikes. So try to keep them in a roundish form to make it easier.

Drying the Paint: If you painted the whole toy at once, then do not let it dry on newspaper because newspaper will stick to the paint and leave ugly marks at the bottom, which will then be more work than before.

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    5 years ago

    This looks so cool. :D I might do it for technology...


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Very nice! I love simple wooden toys like this. Great work!