How to Make a Claymation Video




Introduction: How to Make a Claymation Video

These following steps will show you how to create a claymation video.

Step 1: Making a Storyline.

Choose an idea that is short and sweet, and will fit into the time limit that you or your teacher has given you. 
          Example: A chicken getting run over by a bus, or a bowling ball running over the pins. 

Step 2: Creating the Set.

Find a reasonably sized box around your house. Design a set that fits in with your storyline. Use adhesives that will stick the paper or craft material you are using to your box. 

Step 3: Making Your Characters.

Unless you plan on your video becoming a full out movie, you don't need many characters. Using modeling clay, mold your characters using cartoonish details according to the layout of your story plan.

Step 4: Taking Pictures for Your Video.

Set up your set with your characters in it. The camera you are using should be anchored by some sort of stand so that it is stable, and the pictures you take should be in the same position. 

Step 5: Uploading Your Photos

Upload your photos from your camera onto a computer. Then take the photos and upload them onto iMovie. 

Step 6: Clip Adjustments

After uploading your photos, go to the bottom left hand corner of the first slide, and click the blue settings button. Then go to Clip Adjustments. Adjust your duration of each photo. To make it quicker, make it apply to all stills so that you won't have to do each one individually. 

Step 7: Getting Rid of Ken Burns

Click the icon in the top left hand corner of each slide. After clicking, there should be 3 different things to click in the top left hand corner of the slideshow screen. Click "Fit" to get rid of "Ken Burns" effect. You will have to do each of them separately.

Step 8:

On the middle bar of iMovie, there are 5 icons. Click the music icon to get a list of sound effects. You can also download music from iTunes for the introduction and credits of your claymation. 

Step 9: Adding an Intro and Credits

Again, look not the middle bar at the 5 icons. Choose the very last one, it kind of looks like a planet. You can choose different slideshows and drag them to the beginning and end of your claymation. 

Step 10: You're Done!

To present, open iMovie and click on "play" on the left of the icons on the middle bar. You're done!! Have fun making claymation videos!

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