Introduction: How to Create a Gmail Account

this instructable will help you create a gmail account step by step. Gmail is a great, reliable, and easy to use. I personally use gmail as my email provider and I love it.

Step 1: Starting the Setup

The first step is to figure out how to set it up. First you need to type into your search engine. the pocture you see above is what will pop up on your screen. you'll notice that near the bottom of the screen, below the "sign in" section of the screen, there is a create an account option in blue letters. Click on the blue lettering.

Step 2: Setup Continued...

after you click on "create an account" the photo above is what your screen will come to. this next part is simple. All you have to do is go through the list and fill in the required information and choose your email and account password.

Step 3: Setting Up Your Email

I apolagize for not having a photo for this step, for it would require me to create a new account which I do not need. once you create your email it should take you to your gmail homepage. from there gmail will help you figure out how to navigate and use your new gmail. Good luck everyone, and have fun!