Introduction: How to Create a Logo

My instructable is on how to create your own logo, I am in an animation set design class and decided to create my own logo for one of the gym teachers/rugby coaches at my school. My logo is very simple, but it gets across the point of what i am advertizing.

Step 1: Brainstorming

Brainstorming is a crucial step in making a logo. If you dont brainstorm how will you know which idea works best? Brainstorming can be super simple, just throw some words and sketches down on a piece of paper, and cross off what you dont think will work.

Step 2: Materials

When Creating a logo you could:
  1. Use a computer program such as photoshop
  2. Draw it out with paper and a pencil (as I have)
  3. Use construction paper to cut out designs for your logo.

All I used for making my logo was some paper, a pencil and some pencil crayons.

Step 3: Sketches

After your brainstorming, when you have your brainstorming narrowed down you should:
  1. Start trying different designs for your logo (as I did)
  2. Make your logo's large, this gives your more space to play around with shape and shading.
  3. Make notes on your sketches as I have such as ⇒ blue writing OR ⇒ yellow jersey

This makes it easier to go back when you are doing your final logo and know exactly what to do.

Step 4: Final Product