Introduction: How to Create a Paper Flower Centerpiece


Styrofoam ball



Wood round dowels (two packets)



Step 1: Cut the Styrofoam in the Middle

Insert the knife into the Styrofoam ball and continue to turn the Styrofoam ball around to cut all the way through.

Step 2: Rip Pages Out of the Book

Rip the pages by the spine.

Step 3: Pull the Pages Apart

Take the pages and open them. Then, fold them the other way. Then, pull the pages apart.

Step 4: Make the Cones

First, you will create the center mark for the cone. The center mark will refer to the point that circulates to the base to create the hollow object.

Take a page and turn it landscape. Landscape is the orientation of a page where the page is horizontally across the page instead of vertically. Landscape allows the cone to be thicker while vertically would make it thinner.Make a small fold at the bottom center of the page. Next, you will take the shorter ends of pages and put them near each other to fold the edge of the page.

Second open the page. Take the side of the page that was folded and curl the page inside to make a cone. The cone can be thin or thick. Make sure the cone has an opening where the corners of the pages stick out to make a v shape.

Third take a piece of tape and set it where the edge of the page is making the v shape.

Step 5: Cut the Round Wooden Dowels

Warning: Be careful when cutting the dowels wit a saw.

Measure using a ruler the length to get eight pieces that are 1 1/2 in. Then, cut the pieces with the saw.

Step 6: Insert the Dowels Into the Cones

Take the dowel and push it through the inside of the cone to make a hole at the point of the cone.

Step 7: Put Tape to Hold the Dowel to the Cone

Take a piece of tape and tape around the cone so the dowel is hold in place.

Step 8: Insert the Cones Into the Styrofoam Ball

Now, take each cone and punch them into the Styrofoam ball to cover the ball. Look around the ball to see if there are any spots on the ball that need more cones.