Introduction: How to Create a Scrapbook

How To Create A Scrapbook

Step 1: Step : 1

Pick what you want the page about; the topic. (Special occasions, anniversary, gift, anything) Then gather photos that connect to the topic.

Step 2: Step : 2

Choose what color you want ( using construction paper) that is linked to what your subject is.  And extra mat photos and writings.

Step 3: Step : 3

Stick photos on a different color sheet of construction paper .Then ,  Cut about 11/2 away from photo( Almost identical to a frame).

Step 4: Step : 4

Write title in large letters (can print out letters) write words the connect to the topic.

Step 5: Step : 5

Repeat steps 1-5 on other sheets of construction papers various colors. Next hole punch three holes on the far left of each paper.

Step 6: Step : 6

Use yarn, can be varieties to connect the first and last page . Your cover should the most decorative and describe the topic.