Introduction: How to Create a Survival Shelter in 5 Steps

Hey guys today i will instruct you on how to make a survival shelter

Step 1: Cut Down the Sticks

Step 1 Take your Axe and cut some medium size sticks of a tree (make sure that you have them the same size)

Step 2: Hit the Sticks in the Ground

Step 2 Take the sticks that you cut down from the tree and hit them in the ground in square formation with the back of your Axe make sure that they are close together (FYI your going to need a lot of sticks) (make sure you live a opening for the door)

Step 3: Put the Roof On

Step 3 Then cut a piece of cardboard as big as your square then take the staple gun staple the cardboard to the tops of the sticks in the ground then put the pine needles (or whatever kind of big leaves you have) and spread them on top of the cardboard

Step 4: A Covering on the Ground

Step 5 Take the rest of your cardboard and lay it inside on the ground in your shelter