Introduction: How to Create an Helmet Integrated Audio System From a Normal Pair of Headphones

Do you ever wondered to listen your favourite music while shredding the pow or owning the snowpark?
Well, now you can! without spending $$ on expensive aftermarket audio systems.

All you need is
-a Snowboard helmet (the best are the ones that are already suitable with integrated audio systems like Burton RED series and ProTec helmets)
-A pair of old/new (you choose) headphones, preferably with 40mm speakers. I used a pair of Skullcandy Lowrider
- scotch tape

So let's start Dude/Girl , or whatever you are!!

Step 1: Start by Disassembling Your Headphones!!!

Just start by removing everything you can, in my case just the soft parts that cover the ears. The point is to reach screws or everything that let you complete disassemble the headphones, since these parts are 99% covered by protections to prevent that.

Step 2: Separate the Speakers From the Frame

Use the screwdriver to detach the speakers from the main frame of the headphones.

Step 3: Make the Speakers More Resistant

Since the speakers don't have the cover no more, you need to make them more resistent in order to prevent damages from, for exemple, by pulling the wire accidentally.
To do that you can use scotch tape, glue or simply tie the wire around something stiff on the speaker.

Step 4: Make Them More Comfortable!!!

Since you have to keep these on your ears while you ride, you need to make them as comfortable as possible. I suggest you so re-use the soft ear covers that you removed previously in order to do that. These, for exemple, have a double task, in fact they also protect the weldings from snow or accidental shock.

Step 5: Install the Whole System on Your Helmet

now it's time to accomodate the system inside your helmet, since there are so many models and brands i can't help you very much with this step. The only thing I can tell you is to accomodate wires in order to prevent them from pulling out the speakers and to prevent them from annoying you while riding.

Step 6: Put Everything Back in Place

re-assemble the helment (in case you disassembled it for install the speakers)

Step 7: Go to the Nearest Resort And...


Have fun!

PS: please forgive me some grammar mistakes, English is not my mother-language. :D