Introduction: How to Create the Ultimate Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 Wii Set-Up

The True View game setting for Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 for the Wii gives you a whole new perspective for video game golf.

With True View, a first-person vantage point, you have complete freedom of movement over the club while looking down at the ball, both before and during your swing.

We see things differently here at Bad Chicken. We find it is difficult to swing at a virtual golf ball on the floor while looking up at a screen. If the view is over the ball we believe having another television ( or two ) on the floor is beneficial.

This is how we created the ultimate indoor golf set-up for the Wii.

Step 1: Wii System & Game

Make sure you have the Nintendo Wii:

You will also need the Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 game for the Wii:

To add realism to the game a Chicken Stick - Wii Golf Club is also needed:

Step 2: Audio/ Video Splitter

We use the CE LABS AV 400COMP High-Performance Component/HDTV Distribution Amplifier:

On the left we insert the cables from the Wii for the audio and video input.

On the right we have cables going to the main TV and the TV on the floor. ( Note: We do not connect the audio cables for the floor television because we are only using the main TV's audio.)

Step 3: Views

Instead of looking up at the main TV it is significantly easier to look down to where the ball should be - or is, now with True View. You can see your club, the ball and the movement of the club in relation to the ball. It's easier to hit something you are looking at. With golf, looking down at the ball maintains alignment during your swing.

Step 4: Safety

Just to be safe, instead of putting a TV directly on the floor we built a box with a Plexiglas top. This is done not only for cosmetic reasons but we also are able to move the box safely when necessary.

We fitted a Mountain Woods 18" Lazy Susan to the bottom of the box so Lefties and Righties are able to play golf together during the same game.

Step 5: Because We Are Bad Chicken...

Instead of constantly spinning the TV with the Lazy Susan we decided to use 2 televisions on the floor. This step isn't completely necessary but this is the set-up we use the most.