Introduction: How to Create Your Own CD

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CD's are awesome, and they don't require an internet connection or an aux cable to play them, just a CD player. With this instructable you can take your audio files, and put them on a compact disc, as easy as pie.

Here's a list of what you need:

  1. A blank CD or two, you can buy these just about anywhere.
  2. A computer with a disc drive, this computer should be fairly new.
  3. Sharpies. (Not necessary, but cool.)

Step 1: Installing Brasero Disc Burner

Go to the Software Center for your computer and search Brasero Disc Burner. Check to make sure it's compatible with your computer, and install.

If you have a Windows Computer, and you can't get Brasero, take a look at this.

Step 2: Preparing Your Music

Now you'll want to get your audio files into one folder, so that it's really easy to get them onto your disc. Usually you can just right click, and select create new folder. Then you can just drag your music into the new folder.

If you want to put just a single album on the disc, you can skip this step, just make sure you know the exact location of the folder.

Step 3: Burning the CD

Open Brasero, and it click Audio CD. Then click "edit" and "add files" Just open the predetermined folder and select all of the files (To do this start at the top, click the first file once, hit the "shift" button and hold down the down arrow key until all files are selected.) Click add. Then hit burn, and wait for the loading bar to be complete. Your disc should eject from the CD player automaticly. You can then decorate your disc with sharpie- make sure you write the name for future reference. Hope this Instructable helped!

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