Introduction: How to Crimp a Connector When Connecting Your Cables

Depending on your level of DIY, you may at some point need to connect some electrical wires inside or outside the house.
Anywhere, where a connection of two cables is needed, a crimp connector will be needed.  There are a variety of crimp connectors available both insulated and un-insulated.  This step by step guide is to help you ensure you crimp your connectors safely and correctly to the cable. It's vital that wiring accessories used in any project are industry approved.

Step 1: Step a Cut the Wire/cable

Cut your wire to the exact length that you need for the project.

Step 2: Step B and C Strip the End

Next step is to strip the cable at each end. Using a good quality wire stripper, you will need to strip the insulation from the end of the cable/wire you wish to attach the crimp connector.  Make sure the cut is square and clean.  You will need to make sure that you strip the right amount of wire as recommended for the crimp connector you are using. This is to ensure all strands fit into the barrel.

Step 3: Step D Check the Selected Die

Ensure the selected crimp die is suitable for the correct combination of conductor and crimp terminal being used.

Step 4: Step E Insert the Conductor

Insert the stripped wire/cable (conductor) into the barrel of the crimp connector.  You should have around 1mm visible at the top of the barrel.

Step 5: Step F Position the Die

Position the die so that you have 1mm showing at the base of the bell opening.

Step 6: Step G Crimp the Connector

Make sure you have selected the right colour die on the crimping tool you are using.  Then position the tool and crimp down.  It's important that any crimp tools you use have been calibrated and has been well maintained.