How to Cut Acrylic Sheets

Introduction: How to Cut Acrylic Sheets

Recently I wanted to design a Notify Cube, but to start off with, you need to cut some acrylic sheets. I noticed that there are not many instructables on how to cut the sheets. So I decided to write one up, so in this instructable I'm going to show you how to cut an acrylic sheet.

This instructable is a basic on how to create a Notifier Cube.

So lets get started...

Step 1: Tools

Here is a list of what you need-

  • Acrylic sheet
  • Acrylic sheet cutter
  • Steel Scale

Step 2: Acrylic Sheet

For thinner acrylic sheets you can use an acrylic cutter I got one from a local hardware store. First, make suitable measurements and then use the steel scale to help with cutting it in the right track keep creasing the surface untill you cut a track.

Then apply some pressure on the board until the board breaks into two...

Step 3: Table Saw

For thicker sheets it would be hard to cut it by hand I did try cutting it but I only managed to break the knife blade rather than break the acrylic sheet. Using a table saw would be the solution in that case make sure you have set the saw blade to lowest RPM, because setting it to higher RPMs will cause the board to melt.

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    frank b
    frank b

    7 years ago

    Thanks for sharing this.
    I used to work for a sign company and when we cut acrylic sheets we would turn the table saw blade around backwards so the teeth couldn't take as big of a bite and crack the sheet. Still had to go slow but it worked.