Introduction: How to Cut Hair

Today I'm going to show you how to cut hair.

Step 1: Supplies

Make sure you have all the supplies needed to cut your customers hair. This will include both line and cutting clippers, combs, oil, alcohol, and a apron to avoid getting hair on your customer.

Step 2: Sanitize Your Equipment

Make sure that your clippers are clean and oiled before you do anything. Then check to see if your clippers are working properly.

Step 3: Greet Your Customer

Sit your customer down, then put the apron around them so they don't get hair all other there outfit. Then ask them what kind of cut dot they want.

Step 4: Comb the Hair

after you ask the customer what kind of cut that they are looking for, you get your comb then comb their hair in the direction that it growsgrain.

Step 5: Begin to Cut the Hair

take your time and slowly cut their hair in the direction that it grows. after you are done doing that you go over their head one more time to make sure you didn't miss a spot.

Step 6: Lining the Hair

after you are done cutting the hair, you get your liners and start lining them up. Make sure you don't push the hairline back.

Step 7: Let Them See Their Hair.

after you've completed lining up the hair, you are basically done so all you have to do now is let them see the finishing results. You let them see the finishing results to let them see if thats they way that they want it, and if it looks decent.

Step 8: Fresh Customer.

After you let them examine the cut, you brush the access hair on them off and then remove the apron.

Step 9: Money Time.

Once you are completely done with your customer and they are satisfied, you get your tip and shake his/her hand.

Step 10: Tell Them to Enjoy Their Day

once you receive your money then you tell them to have a nice day and that you'll hopefully see them again.