Introduction: How to Dance and Sparkle Through Life

Do you know this feeling: it's night, you're walking outside and suddenly you really, really want to make a little dance, just right there on the streets?

Well I do have that feeling sometimes and now that I found the ultimate outdoor dancingfloor I thought I could use a pair of proper dancingshoe's...
That's why I made these sparkling outdoor dancing shoe's. The passion becomes really visible!

Now every street, square or pavement can be your ballroom and ofcourse it will be a new way of watching spectacular footwork..!

Step 1: What You Need

This is what you need:

- A pair of dancing shoe's
- Fire-rocks (the ones they put in a lighter, you can buy a box at the tobacco shop) the amount of rocks you need depends on the size of your heels.
- Tweezers
- Tape
- Sandpaper
- Quick epoxy glue (this is the best glue for this job I found untill now, but I am still looking for better options)

Step 2: Sanding the Heels

To prepare the heels for glue-ing, clean and sand them with sandpaper and make them dustfree.

Step 3: Prepare for Glue-ing

To be well prepared for glue-ing (once mixed you have to do everything within 5 minutes before the glue gets to dry):

Take the fire-rocks out of their box (for this shoe's I used 12 rocks per heel).

If you want to be sure to have the rocks ready in the right position, you can already put them on a piece of tape (once you put the glue on the heel, you just have to stick the tape on and wait...)

The right order would be: flat (appears to be the strongest)
and for the really small heels like the one in the picture arranged like this:
_ _

Step 4: Mix the Glue

Prepare the glue following the instructions in the manuals of the glue.

Step 5: Glue the Rocks On

Put some glue on the heel and put the fire-rocks on using the tweezers or your earlier prepared piece of tape.

Make sure there's enough glue in between the rocks. It can help to dip the rocks in the glue before putting them on the heel (a small piece of paper might help).
If there's to much on top of the rocks (the need to have contact with the pavemen later) wipe it of a little or cut it of later before it becomes to hard.

Put extra tape on to keep everything on its place for the first 30 minutes.

Let it dry according to the instructions in the manuals of the glue. (In my case 3 hours)

Step 6: Ready to Fire

Your shoe's are ready to dance!

The shoe's work best on concrete or tiles with some kind of structure.

Note: I am still trying to improve this idea, looking for ways to make it last longer. But for now, you can have a try with this technique and have fun!

Step 7: Go Out and Dance

Once you have your shoes ready:
1. Find yourself a nice open-air ballroom.
2. Invite your friends and some musicians.
3. Make yourself a thermos of hot chocolat or Gluhwein.
4. Put on your shoes and DANCE..!