How to De-creep a Cheap Goalie Mask.

Introduction: How to De-creep a Cheap Goalie Mask.

So I was in need for a mask for a certain sexy masquerade party. Being the cheap guy I am, I head to CVS to find an inexpensive mask. Sadly, the only masks that was remotely close to being sexy was a 1.99 CVS Goalie Mask. It was too late to head to a real party store, so I purchased the goalie mask. I was not going to show up to the masquerade with a Jason-esque goalie mask, thus begins the de-creeping process.

Materials needed:
1 CVS Goalie Mask
Optional: Acrylic Paint and other potential decorations(feathers, glitter and what not).

Heavy duty scissors
Pen (for marking)
X-acto blade
Sand paper
Optional: Glue/Tape (scraps can be used for intricate design)

Step 1: Designing the Mask

On the back of the mask, use your pen to indicate where you want to cut. You can pretty much design your mask any way space permits.

Step 2: Cutting It Out.

Using your handy-dandy heavy duty scissors, start cutting away the unwanted excess plastic. You can use the X-acto blade for-hard-to-cut-places (like the nose) or for more intricate mask designs. Also, cut off the extra band.

Step 3: Smooth the Edges.

The edges are gonna be rough, smooth it out with some sand paper. If you're lazy like me, congratulations you're done.

Step 4: Be Creative!

Want to be more original? Paint it! Add glitter or feathers! I kept the scraps to create a intricate design on mine.

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    11 years ago on Introduction

    Im not sure Id ever want to DEcreep a mask but this was a well done "ible" I especially liked the ghost operated scissors !