Introduction: How to Decorate a 3D Printed Unicorn

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The 3D prints from the most offordable and popular FDM printers usually comes in one color. I decide to decorate a 3D printed unicorn and make it look more interesting .

The original model I created with TinkerCAD

The STL is attached

Step 1: Prepare Materials

-a 3D printed unicorn
-acrylic paint color set and acrylic color medium, paint brushes and color palette
-a roll of thread
-a small section of iron wire
-a feather ball

Step 2: Paint the Unicorn

First, use red and white to create pink color, add some acrylic color medium and mix then well . Paint the feet , mouth and acicula pink, paint eyes black, paint the horn yellow. Draw a symbol on the back, i draw a heart.

Step 3: Make the Tail

Cut a short iron wire. Wrap the thread on a card until you feel it's okay for a tail, use scissor to cut it. Hold one side of the thread and put a short section of iron wire into the thread. Entangle the iron wire end of the thread with more thread, fasten the end. Make the iron wire curvy so it looks like a tail. Paint it pink as well.

Step 4: Make the Wings

Cut the feather from the ball, make each wing has 4 feathers.

Step 5: Glue the Tail and Wings

Use superglue to fix the nail and wings!Done, my pink penesas - like unicorn .