Introduction: How to Decorate a Christmas Tree

How to decorate an elegant Christmas Tree this year.

Step 1: Set Up Your Tree

Maybe this goes without saying, but get your tree to where you want it to be and make sure that all the lights are working. If you have darker colored decorations you'll want to make sure you have a lot of tree lights to brighten things up.

Step 2: Organize the Decorations.

Set out all of your pieces, organize by color and type, like with like. This just let's you see everything have to work with and get an idea where you want to start. Also take a picture of all the ornaments so that if you're out shopping you know exactly what you have!

Step 3: Big Stuff First

Big things first, really anything but ornaments first, because those are fragile and easy to break. In my case these bows go first and everything else are placed around them.

Step 4: Flowers, Feathers, Fluff, and More.

Next we bring in the fun stuff, the texture!!! We have a variety of flowers and glitter covered plants that give a nice contrast to the more structured ornaments. We paired a flower with a piece of glitter plant or feathers and then try and evenly spread it out; you don't want to clump then together or be to grid like in you placement. just eye - ball it.

Step 5: Ornaments!

The fun part! We have a huge amount of ornaments, everthing from glass angels, glitter covered bears, Mercury glass balls, icicles, feathery birds and much much more. Variety is key, in both color and shape. Don't stick to the same old stuff, mix it up!

Step 6: Depth

Don't put everthing on the edge of the branch. Put lighter colored or reflective ornaments farther into tree. don't be afraid to layer!

Step 7: Spread Similar Things Out

We place things on the tree in groupings. If you have 5 acorn ornaments don't put them all in the same area! Put one up high, down low, to the side. Put all the owls on and then the icicles. It keeps you organized.

Step 8: Step Back and Take It In

When everything is on the tree take a break, take a walk, a minute to relax. And then take in your creation, look objectively, too much or too little in an area? Move that shit around! Is it to dark somewhere? get a lighter colored ornament or a more reflective one. We save these little disco balls for dark areas because they're great at bouncing light around.

Step 9: Tug Lights Around

If your tree or an ornament looks dark move some of the lights around to be in front of or shining through to brighten things.

Step 10: Consider Under the Tree

Add a tree skirt and layer some stuff under the tree. Decorative boxes, wrap your presents in paper that compliments your tree decorations. A toy train or hobby horse can be fun and go with the season. Family treasures like books add a personal touch.

Step 11: Enjoy

Don't forget to have fun and enjoy your beautifully decorated tree.