How to Decorate Diary

Introduction: How to Decorate Diary

Diary is a thing in which you can keep your secrets because it does not tells anyone.But how to decorate it?!?!?!

Let me show you :P

Step 1: Decorating Cover

Sticking photos and stickers on the cover will give a nice look or cut out pics from newspapers and magazines and sticking them on the cover with glue will also look great.

Step 2: Decorating From Inside

Be creative.Use markers,stickers,pics and pens for decorating the pages.If you are using markers,then use different colors of markers so it will look colorfull.Using stickers will look brilliant.

Step 3: Starting the Diary

Before start writing in your diary,write your name,age,fav food,fav drink,etc.Also stick a pic of yours on the top of the intro page.OR if you have already sticked a pic on the cover,then draw a simple pic of yours.

Step 4: Make a Boomark

Make a bookmark so that you dont have to find the page every day.There are more different and creative ideas for making bookmarks on net.So make sure you check them out.

Step 5: Always Keep Your Diary Locked!!!

Always keep your diary locked and hidden somewhere safe.Like under the couch,under your pillow or just lock it in a drawr.If you dont have a lock in your diary,Then dont write MY DIARY on the cover because you are inviting people to read your diary by writing it.

Step 6: Ahem... Finished!!!!!

I also have a diary and I try to keep it so colorful and attractive because when I'll read it after years so I dont want to feel boring.I have decided to write diaries by years.I am writing my first diary.I am sure that when I will be bored by writing these diaries after aloooooot of years,I will give it to someone who will be close to me.

So guys I hope you liked this post.And plz comment down below so I can write more posts! :)


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    Answer 11 months ago

    You can make stickers with glitter papper like small hearts❤, stars🌟 etc.

    Hope u will liked it
    Thank you!

    Lisa Naruto
    Lisa Naruto

    5 years ago

    Can we use stickers and photos from magazines and other books.


    6 years ago

    How can we lock a diary if there is no lock

    Mary Glitters
    Mary Glitters

    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Add a quick lock to your diary by using the cover and ribbon lock method. Choose a piece of sturdy nylon ribbon and a piece of heavy-duty, thick card stock to cover the front and back of your diary. For the lock, use a small key padlock.

    Cut two 3-inch strips from the nylon ribbon. Fold each strip in half; use craft glue to adhere one strip with loop side out to the front of your diary and one to the back. Spray the front of your diary with spray adhesive and firmly press the cardstock on top. Repeat on the back side. Loop the strips through each other, then secure with a lock