How to Design for Mobile (with Dee Sadler)

Introduction: How to Design for Mobile (with Dee Sadler)

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Dee Sadler is one of the industry leaders in mobile development.  She has made this video to help you get started with mobile design.

In this part Dee walks through Adobe Creative Suit and focuses her attention to questions such as "should you build a mobile web site or a web app?"  She delves into Media Queries and show cases examples of its usage, working with mobile themes, talking about what to think about when you design for mobile, the relationship and flow of a mobile web site, jquery , android case samples and IOS case samples, thinking about sizes of components and its importance, pixel screen ratio, user interaction with devices, gestures, wire-framing and prototyping, templates, and lots more!

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Step 1: Design for Mobile Part 1

Step 2: Design for Mobile Part 1 Questions

Step 3: Design for Mobile Part 2

Step 4: Design for Mobile Part 2 Questions

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    Due to problems I ran into on my first attempt at publishing this instructable, I decided to start over and create this one. I believe the first one is deleted. I am sorry for any misunderstanding.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Dee Sadler great video actually this would benefit our freshers who joined with us recently, will share your post with them to learn more. Also being a newbies at Software developers Inc they can learn from here. Pleasure to get connected