How to Do White Hat LinkBuilding for Your Blog

Introduction: How to Do White Hat LinkBuilding for Your Blog

Linkbuilding is very important for your website or blog.  But just any old linkbuilding does not cut it any longer.  Old school link building is still a very effective way to gain exposure and traffic for your blog.  But, may new and seasoned webmasters have no idea how to go about finding such links which can also help your websites search rank.  So, here I will instruct you in how to find good relevant links to help your website or blog gain traffic and search rank which engines like Google will love.   

Step 1: Where and How to Start Looking for Links

The first thing you want to do when looking for good links is performing research.  The search engines are a great place to start.  What you are looking for is websites which are relevant to your website or blog.  You will also want to find sites which have a links page that does not have too many link on them.  This is not link trading.  You are looking for website that a search engine trusts.  

How do you know a search engine can trust a certain website?  You want to look for websites which do not care about search engine rankings.  Let's say you have a small manufacturing business which produces medical testing equipment, and you want to find good quality relevant links for your new website.  

The first thing you will want to do is see if there are any organizations that are about medical equipment.  Or some kind of association.  Once you locate a few of these, then you will want to see if you can ask them to place a link back to your website.  

You need to think far and wide here.  The harder it is to obtain a link, the more it will do for your websites search rank.  

Look at all kinds of associations and even places like the Better Business Bureau.  You might even want to look at your own town and see if there are other business associations.

The point is to think outside the box. 

Step 2: Where to Search for Links Next Step

The next step for your white hat link building will be to look at other relevant business's. 

Let's say you are a home builder and you want to get more links back to your website.  You should start searching for other like minded business's which are relevant to yours but not competing.

So, you could search for other companies like, heating and air, landscaping, home inspection, house paining and more.  Try and think of other companies which compliment your business.  

Once you locate of few of these websites, see if they have a links page and directly ask them to place your link on their website.  Now, if they want to up the ante and exchange links with you, then make sure they are a good relevant website.  Exchanging links is becoming a thing of the past.  But sometimes you cannot get away from it.  If you decide to exchange links, then make sure you do not over do it.  

Another way to get a link placed without exchanging is to enter into a joint venture with the other business.  Tell them, if they place your link on their website, that you will provide your customers with a referral for every job you have.       

Step 3: Social Media for More Links

Social media is a great way to get backlinks and start new relationships with others.  The key here is to again think outside the box.  Most people only do social bookmarking and tagging, which is fine.  But you can do much more with social media. 

You could also build business relationships with other people and like minded business's.  You could use places like twitter to strike up conversations with others and then ask for links that way. 

The point is social media is a great way to get traffic and search engines also look for social media signals when ranking websites.  So try and be as social as you can.  You will not only improve your search rank but you can also get loads of traffic from links properly placed.

If you would like to learn more about white hat link building please visit:

Step 4: White Hat Link Building Summary

Remember, this is just one way to build links to a website or blog.  But it is an important step when it comes link building.

You will want to make sure you diversify your back-links to your blog.  This instructable is just one way.  But it is a very important way so do not make the mistake of over looking it's importance.  

When building links this way, do not think you have to get many links all at once.  White hat linkbuilding takes time and being consistent.  Just try and add these links to you marketing mix when building links.  

And remember, you way to shoot for back-links where you can get traffic from also.    

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