Introduction: How to Do a Back Giant

This instructables is about how to do a giant on highbar. It is a basic gymnastic skill and is worth an A in the code of skills. There are two basic types of giants, front and back. They vary in the direction traveled and the hand grip. There are diffent varieties of each type, such as L grip, mixed grip, german giants, and one arm giants. This instructable will only cover the basics. I may cover the others in later instructables.

Disclaimer: I am not a certified coach and I am not liable for anything that happens to you as a result of these instructions. I have not been injured by them but you may be.

A general warning: these photos are of me several years ago and as such I do not have good form.

Step 1: Requirements

You must be in good shape and capable of  doing a variety of swings and able to get ontop of the highbar. You must have an area with a highbar and adequate padding. A spotter is prefered. I do not recommend trying this on a standard pullup bar. Grips are not required but they are helpful. They make your hands get torn up less and increase your grip. I have done them without  but I prefer doing giants with grips. Now lets get onto the fun stuff!!!!

Step 2: Back Giants

Back giants are done with your going the same direction as you can see.
The easiest way to get into a back giant is to cast from above the bar. To cast you support your self on the bar, you bounce at hip level then lean your shoulders over the bar and go to handstand, then go down on the correct side. The tap is hollow-arch-kick. Starting with zero degrees at a handstand on top of the bar, you hollow until aproximatly 120 degrees, then hold an arch until 230 degrees and then kick. 

If you fail to do a giant, pushoff and DO NOT PUT YOUR ARMS BEHIND YOU!!!!! Also, DO NOT HOLD ONTO THE BAR. RELEASE WHEN YOU STOP GOING UP. Not earlier or you will land on the bar. I did that, trust me, it hurts.

Step 3:

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