Introduction: How to Do a Double Waterfall Braid

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The waterfall braid is beautiful on it's own, but it is fun to jazz it up with the double waterfall look. It's really easy to do and adds a lot to your hairstyle!

Hair style was done by Sharelle Loudd at Beautique Salon in San Jose, CA. She was awesome enough to demonstrate this technique while we documented the process. Any mistakes are ours.

Beautiful photography by audreyobscura!

Step 1: Start by Doing a Normal Waterfall Braid

Make sure to take a look at my previous Instructable on How to do a Waterfall Braid before diving in here!

You can do the ladder braid as normal. You can tie it off loosely or braid it down and secure it at the base of the head now with bobby pins. Make sure the waterfall strands are hanging there and easy to see. You'll be needing them!

Step 2: Braiding Time!

Once you have your first waterfall braid done, you can move onto the second one that will make this the double waterfall braid.

Start about an inch away from the first braid at the crown of your head. Start braiding a normal braid for about an inch. Now, take the first strand coming out of the first waterfall braid and add that into your braid. Do about three more turns of the braid and then grab the next strand and braid it in. You will keep adding to this braid from the previous braid.

Remember, you are not adding to it from your head like a french braid. You are only feeding the bread from the strands hanging down from the first braid.

You can loosen the strands try to do it as you go as it won't be as tight yet. If you loosen it, it ends up making a basket pattern on the top of the head, like a hat crown.

ladder braid gif

Step 3: Secure the Braids

Keep going until you have added in the last strand. You are just going to stop at that point and tie it off.

You can tuck that first braid under your hair and the other one can just hang free.

If you didn't earlier, you can go in now and separate each strand more, loosening the overall look. Finish with Biosilk for smoothness.

Step 4: Finished Look

Enjoy your fun finished look!

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