Introduction: How to Do a Handstand

The purpose of these instructions is to teach someone with no gymnastics back ground how to do a handstand. 

Step 1: Materials Needed

-Open Space
-Athletic Clothing

Step 2:

Find an area with a lot of open space so you do not hit anything.

Step 3:

Stand in a lunge position with one foot in front of the other

Step 4:

Put arms above head next to your ears

Step 5:

Lunge into your handstand

Step 6:

Put hands on the ground and have your back foot in the air and your front foot still on the ground

Step 7:

Push back foot off of the ground and bring both legs into the air over your head

Step 8:

Hold your handstand for as long as possible

Step 9:

Bring the leg that you kicked up first down first followed by your other leg

Step 10:

Finish handstand in the lung position with arms over your head next to your ears

Step 11: Summary

You have now just completed the perfect handstand