Introduction: How to Do a Handstand.

First I want to ensure that we practice safety and precautionary measures first and foremost. It is important to understand that with any physical activity majors injuries can occur. Under complete frame of mind (no intoxications of any kind) one can achieve a trick that is not only amazing but fun at the same time.

Depending on one’s skill level, one will need to start form the ground up. Building strength, a handstand will test not only your body but our mind as well. Let’s Go!

Step 1:

The first thing you want to ensure is the safety of yourself. To do so you must clear a space in which you can safely tumble in. after clearing a space of at least 10x10 then please remember your life is now in your hands and you only have one head. If you are going to fall do don’t fall on your head for the damage could be catastrophic. Mats as well as having a spot are preferred.

Step 2: Arm Stretch

Stretch out every limb thoroughly for 10-15 minutes each. Starting with the arms, take your right hand and grab your elbow and put your left palm on the middle upper-back. Pull gently but with force to insure maximum stretch of the limb. Now repeat this action with the other arm so that you can achieve stretch in both arms. After you have done this wave yours arms across your chest to allow the muscle groups to retract back to normal.

Step 3: Leg (Quadricepts) Strech

Once you have completed the stretch of your arms it is time to do the legs (mainly the hamstrings and quadriceps). Focusing on the quadriceps first, kneel down one knee and place a foot of choice out in front of you (as if you were getting ready to propose). Now, extend the leg out more so that the knee that is on the ground has a 90% angel curved while the knee in the erected position has a 125% bend. With your hands on your hips rock yourself back and forth to warm up the muscle groups and the place your erected leg into a 45% angle step allowing your grounded leg to create a 125-165% angel split.

Place your hands on your hips and using you weight sit into the air with your legs positioned just right and stretch your grounded leg’s quadriceps. You should feel the stretch all the way up the groin area and into the abdominal. Now, once you have stretched one leg it is time to do the same thing to the other side. REPEAT THE LEG STRETCH for the other quadriceps and the stand to allow blood to flow back in the muscle groups.

Step 4: Leg (Hamstrings) Strech

Now that one has their quadriceps stretch its time to do the hamstrings. These can be a little bit tricky so try your best. Getting in the proposal position once more, take your erected leg and give way to 165% angle curve. Within the grounded knee give way to a 90% angle curve. Taking the 165% angled leg (Erected leg) please put your hands on your hips and lifts your Gluteus Maximus to the air putting a little bend in your lower back while feeling a stretch in the erected leg’s hamstring. Once you have stretched this hamstring out extend the leg to 180% and sit on the grounded leg’s gastrocnemius muscle.Take ones hands and reach to your toes and stretch one’s gluteus hamstring and lower back once more. Repeat this action with the other leg and both quadriceps and hamstrings should be fully stretched.

Step 5: The Lunge Part 1

This step might take some getting use to; however, you can do it. Putting your arms up next to your ears, take your hands and reach towards the ski while lunging into scissor like straddle. Practice doing this until you are comfortable.

Step 6: The Lunge Part 2

Once you have mastered the awkwardness that is your arms by your ears. Please try and lift your hind foot off the ground and attempted to make a (T) shape with your body. Practicing levering and balance (back and forth) with your hips, remember to always keep your hands by your ears.

Step 7: The Kick Up

Once you have mastered balance and levering back a forth it is time to kick up. Going over all of our safety measures please remember to keep your arms held firmly by your ears. Giving you just enough power to leave the ground, do not flip all the way over. Keeping one’s leg down is one of the best ways to ensure this does not happen. Once you have done this go ahead and kick back down to the lunge postion.

Step 8:

After completing the lunge sequence please remember all our safety precautions and get ready  to stand on your hands. Holding your body firmly, lunge of the floor and reach for the ground in front of you, bring your feet together and stand on your hands. Once you have mastered a handstand, feel free to forward role by tucking your head in and then rolling to your back to stand right back up.
Good Luck!