How to Do a Rapid Fire Mod for Free (all You Need Is a Screwdriver)




Introduction: How to Do a Rapid Fire Mod for Free (all You Need Is a Screwdriver)

Today I will be teaching you how to make a rapid fire mod on a xbox
One torx T8 Screwdriver with a security hole
OR you can use a small flat head.
This time i'm using a Titan Torx t8 with a security hole wich can be
purchased at Autozone.

WARNING: this voids your warrinty on your controller not the xbox itself.

Step 1: Taking Apart the Controller

There are 7 screws on the xbox 360 Controller. There is a hiden one behind the sticker underneath the battery pack.

Step 2: The Mother Board of the Controller

Here is what it should look like after you take all the srews off. Make sure to take of the top first so you dont spill all the buttons.

Step 3: Go to the Right Triger

Now things get a tiny bit tricky. Take your index finger and thumb, and put it on the right triger and pull it right.. Then there is a black bar attached to the trigger. Take your left hand thumb and push to the left of you intill the right trigger comes of the black piece.

Step 4: Removing the Trigger

Now take your thumb and push the trigger back intill it comes off.

Step 5: Taking Out the Spring

Simply take out the spring

Step 6: Streching the Spring

Take the spring and make it bigger and smaller by squezzing it together and pulling it apart. Then the spring should get bigger.

Step 7: Putting the Trigger Back Together

Then putone end of the spring back in the spot near the black bar, nd put the other end of the spring back in the trigger

Step 8: Putting the Trigger Back on the Black Baar.

Then pull the trigger towards you intill you hear a snap.

Step 9: Continued

Now put your finger on the bottom of the black bar and push down to it rises. The take a screwdriver and put it in the triangle hole on the side of the controller to prop the black bar up.

Step 10: Hardest Part Always Comes Last

Now take your right hand thumb and put it on the white tab that is sticking out and pull it towards you. Then the piece should snap in. Then put the controller back together and your done what this has done is made it so when you press the trigger it springs up faster you do not hold down the ttrigger it springs up faster so you can press it again faster if you have ay questions leave a comment or message me.

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    Joe Jones01692
    Joe Jones01692

    6 years ago

    Is the trigger suppose to be harder to push down then before?


    10 years ago on Step 10

    you will just compress the spring again so have to do this time and time


    10 years ago on Step 10

    Yeah honestly, i don't think pulling the spring would do much. People always thought i had a modded controller just because i can pull the trigger extremely fast, and the trigger springing up faster won't make a difference if you have slow fingers anyway :oo


    11 years ago on Step 5

    Because of the shadow cast by the controller and the lack of shadow from the spring, it appears that you snapped a pic of the spring flying out. Just an observation....

    yes this isn't a true rapid fire mod but it does let u pull the trigger faster and i can tell the difference when playing plus it doesn't act like a mod when you kill someone so you dont have to worry about all the little no lifes aggravating the piss out of you all the time

    Awesome Possum
    Awesome Possum

    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    I think the idea is that the spring pushes the trigger back up faster, which lets you pull the trigger faster. It isn't really a "true" rapid fire mod, where you can just hold down the button and continually fire.