Introduction: How to Do Grabs on Snowboard

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I was thinking that there seems to be a lack of instructables on one of my fave sports, SNOWBOARDING, so i decided to make 1 :D

EDIT: I added a couple of new pictures, as the ones before were cruddy and i can snowboard better now! YAY!

Step 1: !WARNING!

Before you learn how to do any type of snowboard grab, PLEASE LEARN HOW TO SNOWBOARD PROPERLY!!! I think theres an instructable telling you how to do this already, so check that, or even better, get an instructor. Make sure you know how to turn properly, maybe do a carve turn without wiping out, ride fast, and you really do need to know how to do a jump without killing yourself.

Step 2: What You Need...

1. a snowboard (no duh) MAKE SURE ITS FULLY FUNCITONAL!
2. bindings! make sure the screws attaching them to the snowboard are tight before you start. You don't wanna be in mid-jump and realise that your bindings have fallen clean off your snowboard. Trust me, this happened to me while i was going down a mild slope and it HURT.
3. snowboard boots. another no brainer.
4.proper clothing. doing indies in shorts and a t-shirt will not only make you very cold, but it will also make you very painful when you wipe out (for those who haven't tried falling onto snow while moving while not covering all that vulnerable bare skin, don't try. i beg of you.)
5. (optional) snowboard protectors. they really do help. even though i nailed myfirst indy the first try, the second attempt wasn't that great. If I hadn't had my*trusty* butt protector, my tailbone woulda died. also, wrist protectors would help if you plan on breaking your fall with them after you wipe out (which you probably will)
6. a hill/mountain/snowpark/whatever can function like one of the above
7. a nice jump, preferably not very steep, maybe half a meter tall, DO NOT GO FOR THOSE THAT ARE MADE TO GO FOR ALTITUDE! You'd probably just kill yourself. Like i did. *note* then again, if you feel comfortable with that, go ahead. i just went on one that sorta flung me up into the air and it was fine...but really, you don't want to go off one that will hurl you 4 meters up into the air.
8. SNOW!

Step 3: ZE START

OK, now that you have everything, I suggest you either warm up with various exercises and such (like you're supposed to do), or you just head down the hill and warm up by tearing down the hill like a maniac (like i do). catch the lift up, and if you happen to pass the chosen jump, look at it, examine it, plan out your jump, whatever helps.

Step 4: Before the Jump

Now, as soon as you reach the top of the hill, strap into your bindings, or just ride down the hill if you're lazy like me and dont bother taking one foot out of your bindings and let a friendly skier pull you along instead. Ride down the hill and stop 10-20 meters above your jump (depending on how steep the hill is)

Step 5: ZE JUMP!

Now, prepare yourself mentally for the jump. It took me a lot of determination to push my mind into doing that jump. Just tell yourself that you'll do it, because if you change your mind about jumping right before the lip of the jump at full won't be very good.
When you're ready, get up, and ride down to the jump. Try aiming as much as you can for the center of the jump, so you're not in danger of flying off to the side or falling of the side and killing yourself (again). Work up as much speed as possible by riding flat on your board and not turning. As you approach the jump, crouch down.
Then, as you get on the lip of the jump,...well...jump! Push off as hard as you can and fly. As you jump, grab your snowboard (There's a picture of what the different grabs are, but I suggest you start with an indy. this is probably the easiest grab you can do. An indy is when you grab the board just in front of your back binding on your toeside with your back hand).
When you sense that you're nearing the ground, let go of the snowboard. If you don't want very bad things will happen to your poor hand, which of course did nothing whatsoever to deserve such a cruel fate. Anyway, as you let go, brace yourself for the landing. Bend your knees.

Step 6: Landing

Watch your landing as you fly through the air. When you land, your bent knees will help you not to break your legs. Straighten up after landing. Ride off, and bask in the praise that your friends will shower you with.

Step 7: More Grabs...

So, now that you've got that down, try some more grabs. *see pics below*
Work on improving them, maybe tweak them a little bit, throw in a shifty or two, a rotation, anything you feel like. Have fun, and don't die!