Introduction: How to Do Flawless Nails

This is a very simple tutorial on how to do your nails with an accent finger. This is the most simple, sort of different way to do my nails that I have found to be flawless every time. This picture I did the same process I just used different colors, in this picture I used Sinful colors™ Dancing Nails and Pure Ice™ Spit fire.

Step 1: Pick Your Colors

These colors I picked, by picking the accent color first and then finding another color that looked well with it. I got both of these at walmart They are Pure Ice™ Celestial, and Gem Crush™ Blingtastic.

Step 2: Paint Your Base/non-accent Color

You need to paint your nails in the non-accent color. If your accent color is thick enough to coat your nail without having the non-accent color under it that is fine. Just don't paint your accent finger. But since I tend to have my accent colors being sparkly, I have to paint the color under them for it to look more cohesive with the rest of my hand.

Step 3: Add Your Sparkle! (or Other Accent Color)

You can try a couple different versions of this. You can have a very thin, light layer of your accent on top of your non-accent color and have it show through more (like I did in the first picture). Or you can try to completely cover it like I did with the blues. Its completely up to you and your style. Also you can choose a different accent finger than your ring finger, such as your thumb or pointer. I chose the ring finger always because I prefer the look of it.