Introduction: How to Do Proper DPS on a 2 Piece Tier-10 Retribution Paladin

This instructable will instruct you in the steps required to achieve a proper damage-per-second (DPS) rotation on a non-undead enemy in the 100% to 20% range. People who have a good understanding of the basic mechanics of the game and the terms found within it should use this instructable. This instructable is also written for players who have an intermediate to advanced knowledge of Paladins. If your Paladin's gear contains the proper equipment, this process will take less than an hour. If your Paladin does not have all of the proper gear yet, the process could take days. After you have obtained all the necessary elements, you will achieve 5000 DPS in no time! You will need the following materials:

          • A working keyboard
          • A working mouse
          • An account on World of Warcraft
          • A level 80 Retribution Paladin with Tier 10 gear
          • A good internet connection

Disclaimer: All images in this instructable are used courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment.

Step 1: Set Up Your Talents

To increase your total DPS, you will need specific talents. With the proper choices, it will not only increase the damage you can do, but the damage that your party and raid members can do as well. You should place points in the following talents (starting from the top row going down in each talent tree).

          1. Insert 5 talent points into Benediction in the first row of the Retribution tree.

          2. Place 7 talent points into Improved Judgement, Improved Blessing of Might,
               and Heart of the Crusader in the second row of the Retribution tree.

          3. Put 8 talent points into Conviction, Seal of Command, and Pursuit of Justice in
               the third row of the Retribution tree.
     Note: The reason you place points in Pursuit of Justice is because during
                   fights where you need to move around, it will greatly increase your overall

          4. Place 6 points into Sanctity of Battle, and Crusade in the fourth row of the
              Retribution tree.

          5. Insert 4 points into Two-Handed Weapon Specialization and Sanctified
              Retribution in the fifth row of the Retribution tree.

          6. Place 5 points into Vengeance and Divine Purpose in the sixth row of the
              Retribution tree.

          7. Put 6 points into the Art of War, Repentance, and Judgements of the Wise in
              the seventh row of the Retribution tree.

          8. Insert 5 points into Fanaticism and Sanctified Wrath in the eighth row of the
              Retribution tree.

          9. Put 7 points into Swift Retribution, Crusader Strike, and Sheathe of Light in the
              ninth row of the Retribution tree.

         10. Put 3 points into Righteous Vengeance in the tenth row of the Retribution tree.

         11. Place 1 point into Divine Storm in the eleventh row of the Retribution tree.

         12. Place 5 points into Seals of the Pure in the first row of the Holy tree.

         13. Insert 5 points into Divine Strength in the Protection tree.

         14. Put 4 points into Stoicism and Guardian's Favor in the Protection tree.
  Note: You can place them any way you like into these two talents. I
                  personally prefer 2/2 Guardian's Favor and 2/3 Stoicism.

Now you have the talents to maximize your DPS! Now that you have your talent's set up they should look like the filled out talent tree below.

Step 2: Set Up the Bar

You must have your bar set up correctly in order to do good DPS. With the proper set up, your DPS will be high in no time!

          1. Put the Divine Storm ability on the 1 hotkey.

          2. Place the Exorcism ability on the 2 hotkey.

          3. Assign Crusader Strike to the 3 hotkey.

          4. Place the Judgement of Wisdom ability on the 4 hotkey.
   Note: This judgement is best to increase your own DPS. Judgement of Light
                 is another judgement that is a possibility, but it should only be used if someone
                 else is using Judgement of Wisdom.

          5. Put the Consecrate ability on the 5 hotkey.

          6. Assign Seal of Corruption to your 6 hotkey.
   Note: You will not use this ability while doing your DPS rotation. However, you
                 will cast this spell before you begin your rotation, so you will want to add it.

When you finish setting up your bar, your first 6 hotkeys should look like the image below.

Step 3: Equipping the Gear

A Retribution Paladin needs specific statistics when obtaining gear. As mentioned before, you should already have Tier 10 equivalent gear before reading this instructable. The most important statistics include Strength, Hit Rating, Expertise, Critical Strike Rating and Haste Rating. These help increase single target DPS more than any other statistic. You should get gear to the following criteria:

          1. Get gear based on the hit rating and expertise rating until you reach the cap of
Note: Hit Rating caps at 9% and Expertise caps at 6.50% in the game. These
                   are the stats you should shoot for.

          2. Get 4 pieces of Tier 10 gear if you do not have 4 pieces already.
Note: This is a very time consuming process because they require Frost
                   Emblems. You can acquire Frost Emblems a limited amount of times each

          3. Get gear that has a lot of Strength on it.
  Note: When getting this gear, try to obtain some that has the Critical Strike
                   and Haste Rating with them as well. An example of a piece of gear you would
                   want is shown in the image.

Step 4: Insert Gems Properly

If you gem correctly, your DPS will increase. In other words, with the correct gems you will increase all of your most important statistics in the game. You should follow the following guidelines when putting gems in your gear:

                 1. Put a Chaotic Skyfire Diamond (21 Critical Strike Rating and 3% Increased 
                     Critical Strike damage) in your Meta slot of your helmet.
Note: After you have done this you will want to buy a Nightmare Tear and a
                          Sovereign Dreadstone (10 Strength 15 Stamina). Place these 2 gems into
                          two blue sockets in your gear where it will help you match your socket

                 2. Place Bold Cardinal Rubies (20 Strength) into every other gem slot.

An example of gear shown below contains the proper gems.

Step 5: Enchant Your Gear

World of Warcraft contains many kinds of enchants, and while some may seem better than others, specific ones will increase DPS best for Retribution Paladins. When enchanting your gear you should use the following:

              1. Enchant your helmet with 50 Attack Power 20 Critical Strike Rating.
Note: You can buy this enchant from the Ebon Blade Reputation Vendor.

              2. Enchant your shoulders with 40 Attack Power 12 Critical Strike Rating.
Note: You can buy this enchant from the Hodir Reputation Vendor.

              3. Enchant your chest with 8 All Statistics as shown in the image below.

              4. Enchant your cloak with 23 Haste Rating.

              5. Enchant your bracers with 50 Attack Power.

              6. Enchant your gloves with 44 Attack Power.

              7. Enchant your belt with a belt buckle.

              8. Enchant your leggings with 75 Attack Power and 22 Critical Strike Rating.

              9. Enchant your boots with 12 Hit Rating and 12 Critical Strike Rating.

             10. Enchant your weapon with Berserker.

Caution: Based on your tradeskills, you will gain enchants to your items that I have not listed. If you can make one, use that enchant over the corresponding enchant to the same item listed above. For example, use Rocket Gloves instead of 44 Attack Power to gloves.

You can find an example of a Retribution Paladin that uses the correct gems, enchants, and gear at

Step 6: Glyph for Single Target DPS

Glyphs increase DPS for every class. Many combination of glyphs exist for several occasions but when it comes to single target DPS you should use the following:

            1. Obtain and equip Glyph of Judgement

            2. Get and equip Glyph of Exorcism

            3. Acquire and equip Glyph of Seal of Corruption.
Note: If you are Expertise capped then you should equip Glyph of Consecration.

            4. Retrieve and equip Glyph of Blessing of Might.

            5. Obtain and equip Glyph of Lay on Hands.

            6. Acquire and equip Glyph of Sense Undead.

When you finish inserting your glyphs, it should look like the image shown below.

Step 7: Use the Proper Rotation

Abilities used in the proper order will make your DPS skyrocket. The boss-leveled dummies found in any major Horde or Alliance city make testing DPS easy.

             1. Buff yourself with Seal of Corruption and Blessing of Might.

             2. Stand behind the target dummy.
         Note: Standing behind enemies in World of Warcraft prevents them from
                    parrying your attacks.

             3. Cast Judgement to start off.
Note: Use this ability before anything else when it is off cooldown.

             4. Cast Divine Storm.
Note: With the 2 piece tier 10 bonus at any time Divine Storm can come back
                    up off cooldown. Use this ability again if this happens at any point unless you
                    can cast Judgement.

              5. Cast Crusader Strike.
Note: If Crusader Strike is off cooldown, use it before you use Consecration or
                    Exorcism when doing Step 8.

              6. Cast Consecration

              7. Cast Exorcism
Caution: If you have not caused a critical strike so far or since the last time you
                   used Exorcism, you will not be able to cast Exorcism instantly. If this is the case
                   skip this step or else the total DPS you do will decrease dramatically.

              8. Repeat Steps 3-7 until the enemy dies.
Note: If all abilities are on cooldown you must wait until you can use one again.

Congratulations! After you have completed this, you will do 5k DPS every time you fight an enemy in World of Warcraft on a Paladin!