Introduction: How to Lace Shoelaces- Bar Style

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Hey guys, this is my instructable on how to do your shoelaces- bar style. Bar style Is a lacing method that makes your shoes look cool, and if your tongue keeps sliding off to the side, this keeps your tongue centered.........

List of cons (this comes from experience):
  • they are messy under the tongue
  • they dont work well if the tongue have elastic tongue-centering straps
  • will not fly on lug lace holes
  • They dont look good on athletic shoes

Step 1: The Bottom

To work on the bottom, first make a bar below as shown in picture 1. Then lace an uneven cross below the tongue as shown in picture 2. Bring the laces up over in a bar style as shown in picture 3.

Step 2: Work Your Way Up

This is just repeating what you did in step 1. The laces will go to every other hole on the other side of the shoe, each time.

I got the finished result after repeating step 1 one time. It may be more or less depending on how many pairs of holes are on each side.

Step 3: Hints and Tips

This step is to give you troubleshooting on lacing the shoes. It also will show you common errors people make when lacing the shoes.

Picture one is a neat diagram of the lacing style I found on Ian's shoelace site. Note that all diagonal lacing is to be under the tongue of the shoe, otherwise, you ruin the whole bar lacing effect.

Picture two is a common error most people make. Dont lace your shoes all the way, let a hole be blank, unless you have an even number of holes.

A big tip is that if your shoes have a lace loop on the middle on the tongue, dont lace through that loop...