How to Do Take Cool/funny Pictures With a Nintendo 3DS and AR Cards

Introduction: How to Do Take Cool/funny Pictures With a Nintendo 3DS and AR Cards

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Step 1: Using the Charecter Cards

1. select AR games from your main menu
2. set out your ? AR card (the one with the question mark inside the yellow cube) onto a flat surface that is well lit and stand about 14 inches (30 centimeters) away from it and make sure the card is seen on your top screen.
3. when the little box character appears point the cross-hair at him and push the A button to shoot him
4. when all of the box characters appear, shoot the upper middle one, it should say star pics when you hover over it.
5. now take out the character card and place it on the flat surface and move it with the circle-pad and pose it with the a/b buttons untill you find the pose you like. you can also change the size with the x button.
6.find a place to take the picture and hold the AR card in your hand and aim the camera at the card and push L/R to take the picture

Step 2: Saving and Viewing, and Editing Your Pictures

1. once the picture has been taken, push A to save the picture and push B to retake the picture
2. once the pictures have been taken press the home button to go back to the main menu and select 3DS camera
3. push view photos/videos at the bottom of the touch screen.

1. tap the picture you wish to edit and a screen will pop up, push graffiti
2. use your stylus and use the tools to edit your picture
3. when your done push finished then push yes if you wish to save it.

Step 3:

now you know how to use the AR character cards, hope you have fun taking pictures of your favorite Nintendo characters

here's some pictures i took

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