How to Do the Pittsburgh

Introduction: How to Do the Pittsburgh

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Dancing in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania the Pittsburgh way. There are a few easy steps to doing the Pittsburgh correctly not getting torched on the dance floor.

Step 1: The Walk

The walk is the most important part of doing the Pittsburgh. You have to basically dance with the air and follow the girl around until she actually dances with you. ( Keep Your Eyes On The Booty)

Step 2: Double Hand (Get Ready)

During the walk you will see the girl about to turn around to start dancing with you stick both of your hand out towards her side because you have no idea if she is going to go to the left or the right first so you have to have both of your hands out and ready so you don't get left behind.

Step 3: Right Hand

So now whens he actually turns towards you to dance she is going to throw it back but she is also going to lean to one side. basically whatever side she leans to that is where you put your opposite hand. your arm should be perpendicular to her body reaching across her back to put your hand on her side right hand = left side.

Step 4: Left Hand

This is step is similar to the last step you just but the left hand across her back reaching to her right side. Simple but this step is key because if your hand is not there the girl will think you can't dance and the battle will be lost.

Step 5: Spin

Now the girl might dance on you and add her own little moves in after the left hand and right hand. Now she can go from any move now but the key move is to watch for the spin when she s[ins put your hands up to your head and get ready for the walk.

Step 6: Walk Part 2

Now the walk part 2 is different because she is already close to you and she can dance on you at any minute so you have to be ready as soon as she does the spin watch the booty and be ready for a dance at any time.

Step 7: The BATTLE

During the Pittsburgh these girls like to be childish and see if you are ready to dance with them so they might make little faces at you and you just do the same back. The best battle winner to me is when you just pull up your pants look at her and tell her to come here. Play no games.

Step 8: The Booty

this is just and extra fun step that is key to doing the Pittsburgh. KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE BOOTY AT ALL TIMES LOOK AT THE PICTURE HIS EYES NEVER LEAVE THE BOOTY.

Step 9: Know When to Quit

If she walks around to much just stop dancing and declare it a win. If you keep following her then it gets weird.

Step 10: The Pittsburgh

In this video you can see how the actual Pittsburgh is done if any steps were unclear they will come to light in this video.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    I got a good chuckle out of this write-up. Thanks for sharing it!