How to Draw: a Cool Batman Symbol




Introduction: How to Draw: a Cool Batman Symbol

I came up with this idea because i'm a huge fan of batman and wanted to make a new symbol for it.

Step 1: First Step: the Bat

1st: Start with drawing the bat's ears. The lines for the ears are always straight and never curved.

2nd: Next draw the wings. Start with drawing a line that goes out and curves up near the end. After this draw a curved line going down. Then do the same on the other side.

3rd: The bottom part of the wings. This is the most tricky part of the bat. Make sure the point in the middle is longer then the other points, this will make the tail. 

Step 2: Second Step: the Letters

Inside the bat start spelling batman. But make some of the edges touch together, so it gives a different look then other batman symbols. Also try putting bat on one side and man on the other

Step 3: Final Step: Details

1st: Add cracks to the symbol. This will make the symbol more dark and dangerous.

2nd: Time to shade. Make sure you don't shade any of the letters only the parts around the letters. This will make the letters pop out more. 

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