Introduction: How to Draw Simba

This linear sequence teaches you how to draw the lovable Disney character Simba from 'The Lion King'!

Step 1:

Start by drawing a decent sized circle for the basic guideline for Simba's head size and shape. The circle should be fairly faint so as to ensure it can be erased once the full drawing is complete!

Step 2:

Next, we need to add guidelines within the circle for the facial features. We need two curved lines, one vertical and one horizontal. The vertical line should be more to the left and the horizontal line should be pretty much central.

Step 3:

The next step is to add some ears. The left ear needs to be slightly bigger than the right as the face is slightly turned. Make sure both ears sit either side of the horizontal line. Remember, these are still the guidelines and not the final shape so don't press too hard just yet.

Step 4:

After we've done the ears, we need to add the basic outline of the eyes. Both eyes will sit on the horizontal line but only the right eye should touch the vertical line. The basic outline for the eyes is just a large oval with a smaller one inside, make sure there is plenty of difference in the size of the larger and smaller oval.

Step 5:

Next, we have the nose. The basic outline of the nose is simply an upside down triangle. The nose should sit roughly half way between the horizontal guideline and the bottom of the circle, and should have the vertical line running more or less through the middle. Try to draw the triangle with slight curves to the lines to add a bit more shaping to the nose.

Step 6:

After the nose, it's time for the mouth and chin. For the mouth, we need two curves that meet on the vertical guideline. Again, the left side should be longer because of the turn in the head. The chin in another curve that sits below the circle guideline, try to add a slight square shape to it also.

Step 7:

That's the basic guidelines complete! Now to start adding shape and detail to the features. Start with the nose, round off the shaping and add curves to create the nostrils. Draw a line connecting the nose to the base of the right eye and a shorter line on the left hand side. Add two small curved lines above the nose to add a bit of character to the drawing.

Step 8:

Next, add shaping to the mouth. A curved line should join the mouth to the nose and add shape to the right hand side, creating Simba's muzzle.

Step 9:

Now, go over the bottom of his chin, adding a more jagged line to create the effect of his fur.

Step 10:

Draw a few rough lines either side of the nose to create his whiskers.

Step 11:

The next step is to tighten the shape of Simba's face. Start with the right hand side, giving him a cheek by drawing a curved line in from the guideline circle towards the outside of the eye. Follow the shape of the eye up and join it to the top of the circle.

Step 12:

Add shape to the left side now by just bringing in the shape of the circle to a more angled line.

Step 13:

Next, add some fur to the top of his head by drawing a jagged line, allow the points to appear to be laying flatter each time.

Step 14:

Now for detailing the ears! On the left ear, start by drawing a curved line starting from roughly half way down when the ear meets the head and finishing closer to the top of the outer ear. Then, draw a curve down from this line to create the inner ear.

Step 15:

Draw three short lines inside the curve to add detail to the inner ear.

Step 16:

Now, draw similar curves to the right ear, following the smaller shaping.

Step 17:

Again, draw three short lines inside the curve to add the inside of the ear's details.

Step 18:

The next step is to add definition to the eyes. Fill in the inner of the eye, leaving a small white circle to make them more life like. Then, add more thickness to the shaping around the eyes to add that final bit of definition.

Step 19: Step 19

That's it! To make Simba look more like a drawing and less like a sketch, use a black pen to define the shaping and the features and, once the ink is entirely dried making sure there will be no smudges, use an eraser and rub out all of the visible pencil. Et Voila!