Introduction: How to Draw Superman

This is an easy instructable on how to draw Superman.

You will need:

Red, blue, beige, brown and yellow coloring crayon
blurring tool

Step 1: Title

To start off with, i drew the title of my drawing with an original lettering.

Step 2: Head

I began my character with his head. Make small lines that attach and then pass over them with a darker line to cover up the small streaks.

Step 3: Body

The next step is his body. Take your time to make everything look proportionned and clean. You can add shading at the end with either your finger or a specialized tool.

Step 4: Colors

Yay. Coloring! My favorite part of drawing! For this simple superman, we will only use five colors. Yellow for the logo, red for the "S", underwear, boots and cape, and then blue for his little suit. You could also use brown for his hair and skin color for his skin.

There you have it! You can know draw your very own superman!

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