Introduction: How to Draw a Grim Reaper, Comic Style.

Hi, this is my guide on how to draw a Grim Reaper, in comic-book art style!

Step 1: The Outline

First, sketch out the outline of the figure. Only draw the bare body for now (Without the cloak), and when drawing each limb, make it sausage shaped. This should make it easier when going into detail.
You should also lightly draw in a vertical line down the head, and a horizontal one across to help mark out where the facial features will be.

Step 2: Beginnings of the Detail

Now, start to make him look a bit more like a reaper. Thicken the lines, and start to draw out the skull and cloak.

Step 3: The Full Detail

Now is when you should start adding the touches that make it look good. Add more detail onto the hands and skull, and give them some shading. Also start to draw the outline of his sash.
Also put on creases into the clothes to make him look even more life-like.

Step 4: Final Touches to the Reaper

Now we draw the final parts to the Grim Reaper. Add a lot of shading, darker on the edges but lighter towards the middle. This will improve the picture a lot more. As for the skull, make the shading darker at the top, and gradually lighter as you go down.
Draw blood streaks down the blade of the scythe, and even feel free to add a small reflection of light on it.

Step 5: The Background

Now for the final step, the background - The fires of Hell!
When drawing the fire, make sure it swirls and swooshes, with a light layer on the outside of them. Beneath the Reaper, draw mist. The reaper's shadow should also be seen. Now that the final stage has been done, the Reaper is finished.