Introduction: How to Draw an Eye!

Drawing an eye takes quite a lot of practice, so if it doesn't work out first time, don't lose heart, keep trying and practice, practice, practice!! ?

Step 1: Let's Start Off!

Draw a rough oval with your pencil - if it's messy, don't worry, it doesn't have to be perfect! ?

Step 2: Refine the Lines!

Using harder marks, refine the shape and add a triangular tear duct!

Step 3: Add the Iris!

Add the circular iris into the top middle of your eye and then add some minor creases above and below (see above) ?

Step 4: Highlight and Pupil

Decide on your highlight (the smaller oval to the right of the pupil) and then add the circular pupil in! ?

Step 5: Add Shading!

Colour in the iris and lightly shade in the tear duct and upper white parts. Remove any unwanted lines ?

Step 6: Add Shade

Add a tonal range to your drawing by lightly shading the skin around your eye and then smudging with your finger.
Add lines coming outwards from the pupil to the edge of the iris and smudge lightly.

Step 7: Perfection

Perfect the lines and erase any mistakes ?

Step 8: Your Done!!

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