Introduction: How to Draw on Your Android Lock Screen (when You Can't Draw at All)

Here is the deal. My name is Victoria and I work as a social media person for LokLok - a small cute app that allows you to draw on your Android lock screen. So, at work I often have to do drawings on my small Android phone with my finger. But there is one problem - I can't. Draw. At all. Even stick figures. Just no.

So here is a little cheating technique I learned to produce drawings for our pages in social networks.

Step 1: Find a Suitable Image on the Internet

Download it to your Android device.

Step 2: Upload the Image to LokLok.

To do that, tap a "photo" icon in the lower left corner of the screen, select "Image" and upload the image to LokLok. If you don't have LokLok, you can download it on Google Play (it's free).

Step 3: Trace the Outlines of the Objects

Choose colours using a colour palette and trace all objects with your finger.

Step 4: Make Sure That All the Objects Are There

In this case I also traced background objects too, but removed some of them later cause they looked weird. But we'll get to that in few secs.

Step 5: Now Fill All the Objects With Paint

LokLok doesn't have a round colour palette (yet:). But you can still get the shade that you want by using a darker colour on a more shadowed side of the object, a lighter colour on a side that is more exposed to light, and white paint to draw the lightest spot. You can draw colours over colours, they won't mix as real paint of course, but will produce a nice effect too.

Step 6: Erase What's Not Supposed to Be There

If you drew a line you're not especially proud of, you can undo the previous step using the button in the upper right corner of the screen. You can also use eraser tool. For big (like, really big) mistakes touch an area with 2 fingers and draw them apart.

Step 7: Remove the Background Image

To remove the image use the icon in the down left part of the screen. I removed the image and just took the photo of the dark corner in my room. You can download a black (or any other colour) canvas from Internet and place it as a background. If you think you're smart, you can type something on the image (well that's what I did obviously).

That's it! Enjoy the effect :)