Introduction: How to Dry Out and Fix a Cell Phone-water Damaged.

These are the items you'll need to help dry out and fix your cell phone.

Step 1: Remove Parts of Phone.

The first step you must do is power off the phone. Then you have to take out the battery and remove the back cover.

Step 2: Dry Off Phone All Over Immediately.

You have to then dry off the contents of the phone such as the battery, back, and front, and whatever areas got damaged.

Step 3: Fill Container.

Next step is to fill the container almost to the top with the dry rice.

Step 4: Put Phone and Battery in the Rice Container.

Put the phone and battery in the rice container and leave it in there with the lid over it for about 3 days to dry and take out all the moisture from the water damaged phone.

Step 5: Take Phone Out of Container.

The phone is still buried in the rice. After 3 days take the phone out, wipe the rice dust off and put the battery and back phone cover onto the phone. Then turn the power on.

Step 6: Turn Phone On.

Turn the phone on and it should work fine with no problems whatsoever.