Introduction: How to Ease Your Dice Rolls With a Recycled Coffee Cup.

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If you are a miniwargamer, boardgamer or someone who just wants to roll dice, this should ease your pain if you seem to keep missing the table. This is my first Instructable (and contest entry for "Coffee Cup Challenge") and pretty straightforward but it has helped me so I though I'd share it with the others.

Step 1: What You Need...

So if you yet have not figured out, we are going to put the dice in to the coffee cup. As you can see from the Intro's picture, the cup can easily manage at least a hundred dice (for example, 20 Ork Boys assaulting).

Step 2: Testing the Throwing Without Using the Cup.

After throwing the dice, I found two of them from the floor and 34 made it to the tabletop. Also they spread to a pretty wide area, and as a wargamer I know this will be pretty annoying if there is much terrain.

Step 3: Testing the Throwing Using the Cup.

Now all of them are much closer to each other than without using the cup, and the best of all, none on the floor. Using the cup helps you to keep your throws in the same, aimed area, while still rolling the dice properly.

Thanks for reading this instructable. If you find this helpful, please help me in "Coffee Cup Contest" and vote for this between 10th and 12th of May. Live long and prosper.

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