How to Easily Block Sun, Be Modest, or a Ninja With a Scarf

Introduction: How to Easily Block Sun, Be Modest, or a Ninja With a Scarf

So, you want to be a (non-academy approved) ninja.  This is an instructable for a snappy scarf-trick that a friend taught me from her time in Mali.  Its seems that there are still lots of countries and places where being modest, or covering up can protect you from lots of things:
- unwanted gazes and resultant advances
- the forces of darkness
- dust (playa and the regular kind)
- suns life and sunburn giving rays
- wind
- the 1%
- insects that want to get into your hair
- and much much more!

...and if you so choose. you can use any kind of snappy fabric to turn it into a costume item -- so like a sparkly ninja, or a calico print ninja, or in the case of this video, a hippie ninja.

- chose fabric wisely -- slippery synthetic fabrics will be less likely to stay in place.
- a ponytail or clip can be used for more stability
- take your glasses off!
- tie the two loose corners together in case you want to use a slippery fabric, or if you want to cut your prep time by having your scarf pre-folded.

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