Introduction: How to Easily Fix a Flat Tire and Cheaply( No Joke).

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One easy way of fixing a bike tyre. It will fix small leaks in tubless and tubed tires.
You just got your car, bike or lawn mower ect out to go to school, work, or odd jobs and the tyre is flat and you dont have a spare what do you do. Go to step 1 

Step 1: Step 1

Go to the kitchen and get a bottle of canola oil the stuff that dries out and goes sticky.
Take the valve out get a large syringe and put enough into the tire to cover all of the inside when it is turned. about 50ml for a normal bike tire or 300ml for a car tire. You may require more oil in the tire.

Step 2: Step 2

Spin the tire around after you put the valve back in and pumped it up. The air that is leaking out of the hole will eventually be replaced by canola oil which should dry after a while and clog the hole. This has worked most of the time for me the tire may eventually go flat again but not as quick.

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