Introduction: How to Enter the Great Google Ponoko Challenge!

Yippeee - we're giving away $3,776 worth of prizes!

To enter this challenge you need to create an Instructable guide using text and/or images and/or video entitled: "How to use Google SketchUp for Ponoko 3D printing"

Here's how to create an Instructable (including video) and how to submit it into this competition.

(Read more on the Google SketchUp and Ponoko blogs.)

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Step 1: Login to Instructables

1) Login or signup to Instructables.

2) Click the "You" tab, then the "Instructables" tab.

3) Click the big orange button saying “Start an instructable”.

4) Click the orange button saying “I have read the tips, let's start my Instructable >>”

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Step 2: Create Your Instructable

Time to let your creative side take over!

1) Enter the title "How to use Google SketchUp for Ponoko 3D printing" (this is compulsory.)

2) Add as many (or as little) steps, text, images and/or videos as you like!

3) Save.

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Step 3: How to Add Video

Your Instructable may include video - none, one or many - it's up to you.

(Fyi: Here's some screen cast video software: free for Windows and free trial for Mac.)

Here's how to upload a video to YouTube, and embed into your Instructable:

1) Login or signup to YouTube at the top right hand side of the site.

2) Click "Upload" next to the search bar, click the yellow "Upload Video" button, then select your video, and click "Open" to upload.

3) Ensure your video title is "How to use Google SketchUp for Ponoko 3D printing", choose the "Education" category, then click "Save changes".

4) Once your video is live, click the "Embed" button below your video, and copy the code.

5) Go to your Instructable, click the "Embed Video" icon in the edit screen, paste your YouTube embed code, then click "OK".

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Step 4: Submit Your Entry!

After you've completed your Instructable, you submit it into the competition by sharing it with the Ponoko SketchUp account. Here's how:

1) Click the "share" tab and the "collaborate" tab while you're in the "edit" section of your Instructable.

2) Click the check box to "enable collaboration".

3) Click the “+ add/remove collaborators” link.

4) Type in the member name: "Ponoko SketchUp", then click the "add" button.

When you can see "Ponoko SketchUp" appear as a "Collaborating Member", you're done!

(Note: You do not need to publish your Instructable to enter the competition. But if it's worthy, why not?!)

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