Introduction: How to Extend the Life of Your Razor Blade Keeping It Sharp for Months and Months

This video shows a simple method of extending the life of an ordinary disposable razor blade for months and months and months. Razor blades are very expensive and most people use the blade for a week or more until it gets dull, then you change it to a new one. By using this simple 'Blue Jean Sharpening Method' it will extend your blade life and receive a sharp and smooth shave for months and months.. I don't know how long it will work as I am still using a blade that is at least 6 mos old now and I'm still using it...

When you finish shaving... walk to your closet... pull out one leg of a pair of blue jeans... hold the end with one hand and with the other simply stoke the razor along the entire length of the blue jean for 10 to 20 strokes... I like 20... then switch directions... the threads of the jeans run in a diagonal so switching directions allows for an balanced approach to fine tuning the blade's edge.

This is similar to using a straight blade on a leather strap... this is cheap or free considering you have a pair of jeans!

It will take the fine nicks out of the blade and allow for you to keep the blade very sharp.

I also sharpen the blade 20 strokes before and after each shave just for good measure.

I also blow on the blade to knock off any water droplets as oxidation/rust is the biggest enemy of a sharp razor blade.

If you want, you can drop your razor 'blade down' into a cup of rubbing alcohol to store it until next use to eliminate any traces of water.

This should save you tons of money... at the time of this video Gillete Fusion 4 blade pack sales for $13.99 + tax. if you generally get one week's worth of use per blade this will run you $167.88 per year + tax! If you get 6 mos per blade then you can extend your use for two years. The math works out to $7.50 per year + tax (two blades at $3.50 per ea)

Hope you get lots of shaves for free!

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