Introduction: How to Extract a 1/4' Input Tip Out of Its Connection

In this instructable, I'll teach you how to get the tiny tip of a 1/4' male connection out of the female connector.

This only happens when you have shoddy cable or your in a terrible bad luck, and often is a very expensive thing to get a repair man to do.

As simple as it seems, the only way you can get them out is to open up the connection, often meaning you have to open up your appliance.

Fortunatly, it isn't that hard to take apart items if you know what to look for

This is my journy to fix my amp.

Step 1: Tools

Unless your appliance has special screws or bolts etc, then just standard tools

If you have a properly appointed leatherman or similar, then you have all the tools you need

Since I lost my prized Leatherman Wave last week, I used my big set of tools.

Needlenose pliers
Broad Pliers
Philips Screwdriver
Flat screwdriver

should do you well, however, I included a sharpie for marking connection points, and a flashlight to see dark places. A cheap leatherman copy can be seen too.

Don't know why I have the razor blade out.

Step 2: Open It Up

Pretty explanitory. Just make sure you ground yourself before touching anything expensive looking.

Step 3: Getting at Those Pesky Connectors

In the previous step, I included some pictures of what your target is, they are black boxes with white covers. What I gently did is pry off 3 corners of it and swung it sideways to get at the goods

This is where you need to us wits. I negated to take a few key pictures here but once you take the cover off, you'll clearly see the tip.

GENTLY lift the metal clips that secure the connection under normal circumstances. Get another pair of hands to GENTLY grab the small tip and carefully extract it. I would avoid using a magnet here since you might hurt nearby electronics.

Cover the box again. Hopefully you know where to rescrew everything. Before you screw everthing in, plug the appliance in and test it out. It should work

If it doesn't, check all the conections you have to break to get at the connection, reconnect them all. A good multimeter would help here.

Step 4: Your Done!

You just successfully fixed your electrical equipment!

Be sure to check out my up coming instructables how to fix 1/4 cables and guitars!