Introduction: How to Extract Kudzu Starch

Kudzu in America is invasive so here I'll show you how to use this invasive monster.

Step 1: Find the Crown

Follow the vine till it meets other vines. You should see a big lump. dig there. Once the root is out of the ground, Take a break this is harder than it looks.

Step 2: Chop It Up

chop the root into log shapes.

Step 3: Wash!

Taking a 5 gal bucket, fill with water and scrub dirt and clay and such stuff off the root. YOU DO NOT WANT THIS IN THE STARCH!!!

Step 4: Peel!

Peel the root's outer layer off.

Step 5: Slice

Taking a circular saw slice into bendable pieces.

Step 6: Blend Blend!

Put 5 slices in the blender. Add Lots of water. Blend till soupy.

Step 7: Pour!

Place four layers of cheese cloth on a glass pour some of the soupy mixture in to the cheese cloth.

Step 8: Wait............................random Smiley Face.................................................

After a while, you should see a white layer on the bottom of the glass. This is starch. Wait some more.

Step 9: Pouring Again?!

Slowly empty the cups. Make sure the the starch stays in the glass. Place cup aside, let dry.

Step 10: Starch!

Using a knife, break down the starch to a powder. You're done! Please vote.

Step 11:

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