Introduction: How to Fake Sick

This step by step process is a project for school. This project will show three well developed techniques for faking sick. Each technique will first be introduced then explained step by step. Feel free to comment if you use one of these techniques and tell me if it works or not!

Step 1: Technique #1 Stomach Ache & Clammy Hands

A stomach flu with some clammy hands is considered to be one of the easiest and most effective ways to fake sick. The reasons for this are: a stomach ache is very easy to fake, it is a very common symptom, and no parent wants to send their child to school with stomach problems.

Step 2: Step #2 Stomachache

The first step is to fake a stomach ache which is pretty easy. All that it requires is to hold your stomach while you moan and groan a little!

Step 3: Step #1 Clammy Hands

The next step to faking a stomach flu is to make your hands feel sweaty. There are a number of different ways of doing this but the easiest way is to just lick them while you are doubled over with your "stomach pain."

Step 4: Technique #2 Salsa in the Toliet

Warning the upcoming image resembles puke so feel free to look away during slide 6. (Two slides away)

Step 5: Step #1 Preparation

The first step is to take the salsa out of the fridge the night before and hide it somewhere in your bathroom. This way the next morning you will be able to dump the salsa into the toilet without having to perform any suspicious activities to get the salsa. (SLIDE 6 IS NEXT...)

Step 6: Step #2 Call in the Parents

For step #2 call your parents into the bathroom while positioning yourself at the base of the toilet giving the illusion that you have just hurled. Make sure they see the salsa filled bowl and then flush before they have time to look closely. (Though I doubt that anyone would want to do that)

Step 7: Technique #3 the Fever

This technique is the hardest to execute because it's hard to fool a thermometer. (remember that faking a fever may cause you a visit to the hospital!)

Step 8: Step #1 Warm Water Swish

Before having your temperature taken make up an excuse that allows you to go into the bathroom and swish warm water around in your mouth for 30 seconds to a minute. Make sure to flush the toilet before turning on the water so your parents don't get too suspicious.

Step 9: Step #2 Do Not Waste Time

As soon as you spit the water out your mouth will start to cool so do not waste any time taking your temperature. You may have to practice a few times to get the water at the right temperature. (Above 99 and below 104 degrees Fahrenheit)

Step 10: Recap

These three techniques have been created through years of practice and should work as long as you do not use them too often! Thanks for viewing my Instructable and feel free to comment!