Introduction: How to Finish Chapter 1 of Thief in Less Than 5 Minutes Without Killing or Alerting Anyone.

Thief is a stealth video game developed by Eidos Montreal and published by Square Enix.

The main tactic of Thief is to avoid fights and instead sneak around the enemies

Players control Garrett, a master thief, as he intends to steal from the rich.

In these steps I'll show you how finish chapter 1 without killing or alerting anyone.

Your mission is to reach the Clock Tower.

Some tips you'll need:

1- DON'T run, because it'll alert nearby guards and bird cages.

2- Stick to the shadows, you'll be unseen.

Step 1: Climb the Ladder Until You Reach the Cutscene.

At the beginning, move straight to the ladder at the right and climb up, you will face another ladder so climb it and you reach the cutscene.

Step 2: After the Cutscene Go Left.

After the cutscene, go left and then go straight. ( The first 3 pictures )

Then,  climb and go left, but be careful there's a guard at the end down below you. Get down easily so he wont detect you. and head right and climb the wall.

After that, get down and you'll see a gate that you'll have to unlock it.

After that, you'll move through some woods and you'll face a cutscene.

Step 3: Move Fast But Don't Run.

  • After the cutscene, get down and stick to the shadows.
  • Move fast ( Don't run ) to the front door before the 2 guards starts to move, and unlock the door but be careful there's a guard inside.
  • To the right you'll need to pick a lock of a drawer to collect the Jewelled Mask. Wait for the guard to move so you can have the time to unlock it and get the Mask.

  • Head straight to the open door behind you and take right until you reach to the stairs to the left. Take the stairs and be careful, there's a sleeping guard and a bird cage.

  • Move slowly between them and you'll see a woman moving right in front of you.

  • Wait for her to pass and head to the window. Get down, to the left you'll see a window get through it.

Step 4: Don't Stop and Keep Moving.

After you get through the window, open the door and you'll see 2 guards talking.

Stick to the shadows and pass them without any trouble, at the end of the alley you'll see a shadow of a guard.

Wait for him to move and KEEP following him until you see 2 guards talking with a woman, take the opportunity and pass them before they finish talking.

Keep following the guard until you can climb up and move forward until you see wall that you'll need to climb.

And that's the end of the chapter.

Step 5: Results.

There you go, Chapter 1 in under 5 minutes remains undetected and no kills.

I spend hour to understand the guards and their movements

If you want to finish it under 5 minutes you need to be faster at picking the locks, and not slowing down.

Thief is all about stealth, stealing and hide in the shadows without drawing any attentions to the guards.