Introduction: How to Fix 'Press Shutter Release Button Again' Error on a Nikon DSLR.

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If you own a Nikon DSLR and suddently an error of 'Press Shutter Release Again' pops up and it wont take any pictures although you press the Shutter repeately,what would you do?
I had this problem a week ago on a vacation using my 1st beginner's DSLR ,a Nikon D40.
If its under Nikon Warantee,you can turn in to the dealer & wait for the repair but what if its beyond warantee period, or you bought it used with expired Warantee?
Here's my solution to fix it to save some repair charges and guess it might bless someone with the same problem there.
There is a gear motor that controls the tripping of the Shutter Release mechanism and over time,it either gets a bit tight to turn over or just contaminated with dust & needed soe light lubrication to get it back to normal( provided the motor is still ok).

Step 1: Tools & Stuffs You Need

You will need:
Small Watch Maker's Phillips Screw Driver
Can of Spray Grease (or any General Purpose Light duty Grease)
Tissue Paper
A Clean Dust free Environment 

Step 2: First, Remove Its Battery.

Turn the DSLR over,unlatch the battery cover & remove its battery from the Camera.
You can recharge it if its is low for testing later.

Step 3: Remove the Bottom Base Cover Plate

Remove the bottom Cover plate held by 9 screws (5 long & 4 short ) .Start by unsrewing the long screw inside the battery compartment and work clockwise to remove the other 8 screws.
This will expose the Gear motor operating the shutter which neede to be serviced .

Step 4: Removed All Screw Holding the Base Cover

Step 5: Proceed Removing All Screws in a Sysmetic Clockwise Order

There are 2 long screws here holding the cover around the lens mount.

Step 6: Remove All Screws and Aside It on a Piece of Tissue Paper

Remove all Screws(total 9) and the bottom cover and place them on either a Clean Tissue Paper.This is a very straight forward task using only a Watch Makers Philips Screw Driver as your prime Tool.

Step 7: View of the D40 DSLR Base With Cover Removed.

This is the base of the D40 with cover removed exposing the Shutter Motor Mechanism.

Step 8: The Gear Operating the Shutter

This is the Gear operated by a motor that is responsible for operating the Shutter Mechanism.

Step 9: Lightly Move the Gear & Inspect for Contamination

Use a clean Tooth pick to lightly move the gear Upwards until a friction is felt.
Stop here & move Downwards while inspecting for contamination & smoothness.

Step 10: A Closer View of the Gear Seen Through a Magnifying Glass

Use a Magnifying Glass if you cannot see the Comtamination clearly.
Remove any visible contamination trapped between teeth of Gear .
It should give a smooth feeling when lightly pushed until it stops.Don not push beyond but reverse in opposite direction.

Step 11: Repeat About 5 Cycles.

I lightly move the gear forward & backwards about 5 cycles, cleaning & removing any visiblre foreign material likely trapped in between gears before applying new Grease.

Step 12: Apply New Grease Between Gears

Upon removing foreign material, apply only enough Greas to lubricate the gears tripping the Shutter.
I use a Can Spray Can and is able to have good control on the amount dispensed.
Practice first on other area if you are new to using a spray type Grease as you do not want to smear all over causing more harm than good.

Step 13: Spray a Little at a Time & Move Th Gears

Spray a little at atime moving the Gears forward & backwards to ensure good coverage.Any thing too much & too little is not good either. 

Step 14: Move the Gears 5 Cycles to Spread Out Grease

Move the Gears another 5 Cycles upwards & downwards with Grease applied & reapplied untill all teeth are lightlycovered with Grease.

Step 15: Insert Battery & Test Before Closing Up Cover.

I reinsert the Battery holding with my thumb and the error was gone upon turning on Power.
I made a few shots on Program mode looking at Gears turning each time the shutter opens & closes!
Made it!

Step 16: Close Back Base Cover & Have Fun!

Turn DSLR off & remove battery.
Put back the base Cover & Screws starting from the Inside of the Battery compartment,
Work in an anti clockwise direction noting the length of Screws (long ones at battery compartment & lens mount)  
Tighten lightly using 2 Finger force until all are in place.
Retighten with only finger force in opposite direction.
Put in the Battery,close the latch ,turn on power & Have Fun Shooting again!
A blessing from Jitra,Malaysia to all.
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